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Celebrating Mother's Day Through the Ages & Anticipating Metropolis Ballroom's 2024 Brunch

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May 9, 1914. President Wilson Declares National Mother's Day

Ah, Mother's Day: that annual event where we celebrate the wonder women in our lives by giving them the one thing they've always wanted... brunch and a day off from making brunch.

But how did we arrive at this grand tradition, celebrated with gusto at venues as grand as Metropolis Ballroom of Arlington Heights? Buckle up, dear readers, as we take a roller coaster ride through history, making stops at all the "Mother's Day" stations, and trust me, it's a journey with more twists than a daytime soap opera.

The Ancient Times: Before Mother's Day Brunch In 2024

Back in the day (and I mean way back), the ancient Greeks and Romans were partying it up in honor of mother goddesses. Picture this: grand feasts, flowing robes, and the original Mother's Day brunches, minus the mimosas (unfortunately).

The Greeks tipped their hats to Rhea, the titaness mother of the gods, while the Romans threw a spring festival for Cybele. Let's just say, these parties set the bar high for honoring mothers.

statue of Cybele, The Mother Goddess (Getty Villa, Creative Commons)
Cybele, The Mother Goddess (Getty Villa, Creative Commons)

Middle Ages: "Mothering Sunday" AKA Let's All Go to Church

Jumping forward to the Middle Ages in England, "Mothering Sunday" was the day you'd visit your mother church—the main church or cathedral in the area. Eventually, this evolved into a sort of reunion day, where servants and apprentices would return home, bringing gifts to their mothers. Think of it as an early form of guilt-tripping your kids into visiting you.

The American Saga Begins: Moms for Peace and Cleanliness

Fast forward to the 19th century in America, where Ann Reeves Jarvis started "Mothers' Day Work Clubs" to teach women how to properly care for their children. Because, as we all know, before the internet, how did anyone figure out parenting? Then, Julia Ward Howe, in a move that predates Hallmark, called for a "Mother's Peace Day," inspired by the horrors of war. Because nothing says "I love you, Mom" like a heartfelt plea for world peace.

photo of anna jarvis
Anna Jarvis {{PD-US}}

Anna Jarvis: Mother's Day MVP

Enter Anna Jarvis, the determined daughter who took her mother's dream and ran with it, lobbying for a national holiday to honor all mothers. In 1914, she scored a touchdown when President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day. Jarvis envisioned a day of personal celebration between mothers and their children—though, ironically, she spent later years fighting the commercialization of the holiday. If only she could see us now, Anna!

cheese spread at brunch buffet at metropolis ballroom for easter brunch 2024
Metropolis Ballroom Easter Brunch 2024

Metropolis Ballroom's Ode to Moms: 2024 Edition

And that, dear friends, brings us to the present (and future)—where Metropolis Ballroom is gearing up for the Mother's Day Brunch of the century in 2024. As we've seen with our Easter Brunch extravaganza, which you can read about in "Gearing Up For Metropolis Ballroom's Easter Brunch 2024", Metropolis Ballroom knows how to throw a party that would make even the ancient deities nod in approval. It's the kind of celebration that would have Anna Jarvis and company RSVPing "Yes" in a heartbeat.

So, why not mark your calendars, follow me on Twitter for real-time updates, and prepare for a Mother's Day Brunch that's bound to be one for the history books?

Trust me, at Metropolis Ballroom, we're all about making history while celebrating it. And if history has taught us anything, it's that moms deserve not just a day but an era of appreciation. Here's to making Mother's Day 2024 a chapter worth remembering!

Until next time, keep your spirits high, your gatherings grand and follow me on Twitter @robinbanqueton. This is Robin, signing off with a wink and a clink. Cheers to making every moment legendary!

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