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Relive the Easter Brunch Elegance at Metropolis Ballroom While Getting Ready for Mother's Day Brunch 2024

By Robin Banqueton, Blogger for Metropolis Ballroom

table setting at easter brunch at metropolis ballroom

If you didn’t join the Easter parade at Metropolis Ballroom, worry not—you're just in time for the Mother’s Day encore!

Picture this: if Easter was a Broadway hit for your taste buds, Mother’s Day Brunch 2024 is the all-star cast reunion—complete with a standing ovation from every mother.

Think of our Easter Brunch not as a one-hit wonder, but the opening act to the main event where moms take the spotlight. We’re serving up another round of splendor, and this time, it’s sprinkled with extra love (and a little bit of that motherly "I told you so").

cheese spread for brunch at metropolis ballroom

Our guests didn’t just walk into a dining room; they sashayed into a springtime soiree with fountains more bubbly than the champagne and sunshine pouring in like liquid gold. They feasted on a gastronomic journey that tickled the soul and teased the senses with more flair than a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

Imagine a seafood bar so fresh, you’d think we plucked oysters straight from Poseidon’s garden and the shrimp did the backstroke all the way to your plate. No sizzle, but plenty of splash, with oceanic offerings laid out like treasures on an ice throne, ready for the taking.

oysters and shrimp for brunch at metropolis ballroom

Our live sushi station wasn’t just rolling; it was performing culinary acrobatics, while the prime rib at our carving station was the belle of the ball—blushing pink and dressed in a herbaceous gown fit for the Met Gala.

And the Bloody Mary's? They came decked out with garnishes that could double as hors d'oeuvres at a royal wedding. As for the sweet retreat—our pastries were like edible love letters, sealed with a kiss from modern baking's sweetest lips.

bloody mary for brunch at metropolis ballroom

As we nibble on the last crumbs of these memories, let's pivot our palates to Mother's Day. We’re talking about a Mother's Day Brunch at Metropolis Ballroom that’ll make every mom feel like she's won the Super Mom Bowl.

Mark your calendars, tie a ribbon around your finger, send yourself a carrier pigeon—do whatever it takes to remember the date for our next culinary extravaganza. A day where we roll out the red carpet and treat the queens of our hearts to the royal feast they deserve.

mothers day brunch 2024 at metropolis ballroom poster

Book your spot now for our Mother's Day Brunch. It’s a chance to say 'Thanks, Mom' with more than just flowers—give her a brunch sprinkled with love, laughter, and a touch of Metropolis magic. Because let's face it, she’s put up with your shenanigans for years; the least you can do is pass her the mimosas.

Catch more of my takes on the luxe life of event planning by hopping over to @robinbanqueton on Twitter. Share your brunch bash stories, or just swing by to say 'Hi!' Let's make the next brunch buzzworthy!

Need a little more convincing? Swing by my previous blog, "Roll into Spring with Metropolis Ballroom's Easter Brunch 2024 Experience," and get a peek at what's in store for Mother’s Day—minus the Easter bonnets, of course.

Check out the full gallery here!

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